Friday 14 June 2019

KCD: The Millers Guild

[Part of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance journal.]

An interesting theme in this world is that most millers are scum. That is, to say they are the "thieves guild". It does pay to help Peshek (the first one you meet) out as this unlocks more traders to sell loot to, and he can teach you the basics of lock picking and pick pocketing, both of which are very illegal activities and will get you in trouble if there are witnesses.

Lock picking is simple fare here. Simply move the mouse till the cursor becomes a big, gold circle and then press "D" (on PC) to turn the lock anticlockwise. You need to move the cursor and keep it in the same "spot" as the lock turns to succeed. A lock beyond your skill level will say so and not even let you attempt. That's it. The only hard part is unlocking everything you find to skill up.

"I'm actually a master burglar."

The pick pocketing mini-game is much more dicey, and honestly less useful. As Peshek says, it's best to practice on sleeping folk in out of the way areas to not get spotted, but this is ridiculous as there's a much simpler way to get into someone's pants. I will cover that in the next post. 

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