Wednesday 19 June 2019

KCD: Combat Basics

[Part of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance journal.]

Combat here is based on HEMA, which is great, but doesn't translate too well in game so I'm going to cover a few things I've "Learned through Doing". First of all, all those combo moves that you unlock per weapon? They are useless. You will almost never be able to chain a sequence without interruption. Don't worry too much about learning the sequences.

Next, you take the most damage when you are out of stamina. The same is true for your opponent. Remember too that max stamina is tied to current health.

Holding your swing (left mouse) and then moving the attack to where your opponent doesn't have his weapon to block works sometimes against low level guys. The same goes for doing a perfect parry followed by an attack (called a riposte). Better opponents will dodge and/or counter.

More effective is walking backwards as the AI will eventually drop his guard and run towards you. At this time, stab while they are open or if you are using a mace type weapon use the over hand (top of the star) attack. Once you unlock the head cracker perk you should do the over hand with all your weapons. Unless you want to pierce and bleed them first with a stab.

When they drop their guard and run at you they are wide open.

This is most effective with a poisoned weapon meaning you don't have to do all the work. I'd recommend poisoning your weapon anyway because it's fun watching enemies collapse on their own. :P

More combat tips coming up in the next post!

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