Monday, 24 June 2019

KCD: Leash Killing

[Part of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance journal.]

When you lead a bad guy far enough from his spawn point he will eventually shrug and give up, putting his weapons away and begin casually walking back or standing still. This is the best time to ride back to said bad guy and put an arrow into his back or butt which usually kills him. If not, just repeat.

This trick is easiest done on horseback.

Yes, it's super cheap and more problematic is that if he was a random roadside encounter chances are his buddies have long de-spawned along with their loot. It does work wonders for enemy camps though, especially at the start when you aren't yet a master of anything.

Speaking of enemy camps, you have way more options to mess enemies up there and I found it was super fun to assassinate them! That's coming up next.

Note: Keep an eye on your arrow count. Early in the game you are in danger of running out and later on you are in danger of suddenly carrying hundreds of a type you never use - be sure to sell off that waste of weight!

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