Monday 10 June 2019

Romeo must Die

Neatly portioning gangs through racism!

When Han (Jet Li) learns of his brothers death due to gang violence, he goes to get to find the guilty party and makes a friend in Trish (Aaliyah), the daughter of ther rival gang boss.

The average acting and script is what most lets this movie down. There's definitely a sound issue too with loud rap songs drowning out character conversations early in the piece - making it much better when Aaliyah's quieter songs are played later on.

Wire-Fu is present in this film.

There are still funny bits, some of which being the heavy use of wire work that they don't even bother to try hide and Jet Li does get to kick some ass, but not as much as in some of his other films. I give this one and a half "baby girl's" out of 5 and only recommend it for fans of Mr. Li or Aaliyah, everyone else can give this one a miss.

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