Saturday 8 June 2019

Deponia: The Complete Journey

You are your biggest enemy.

This point and click adventure follows the adventures of Rufus on his junk home planet and is actually three games rolled into one (Deponia, Chaos on Deponia, and Goodbye Deponia). The art style is great, and so is the humorous story along with the short musical interludes. There are also various mini games peppered in which helps keep things fresh.

Some memorable characters for sure!

That said, it is also hard, despite the clues that you can spot in hind-sight, as some puzzles verge into trial and error. Chasing an animated toothbrush in the first room gives you a taste of this. Later on there's a part where you need to turn down the in game music volume in game because the protagonist keeps getting it in his head while trying to remember a different tune. Good luck working that out!

On top of that, Rufus is a selfish prick which doesn't really make it easy to root for him - especially since his antics often put everyone in jeopardy. An amusing game but one I definitely needed breaks while playing, I give it 3 petting zoos out of 5 and only recommend it to fans of this genre.

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