Tuesday 25 June 2019

KCD: Ghost Assassin

[Part of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance journal.]

I've spoken briefly about stealth and it is great fun to use against enemy camps, unless you use the most boring option. That is, sneak in - drop a pile of rotten food and/or poison/bane potions in their stew, sneak out then wait till the next meal time. Wandering back in to a camp full of dead bodies felt even cheaper than Leash Killing.

More fun is to stalk the sentries and stealth kill them or ghost past the sentries, and kill the low alert/sleeping enemies in the camp. For bonus points, drag the bodies out into the woods so none are the wiser. Regardless of the order, make sure to kill all of them for their loot. It's a great feeling!

The best battles are won without fighting.

Stealth kill is instant, regardless of armor, but only works if you aren't detected. You could also use stealth knock out then drag them out to the woods one by one and stomp or neck break them there which is also an auto kill. Useful if you aren't high enough level yet, or if your dagger broke from murdering all the other guys.

While this type of ghosting (no alarm being raised) is hard work, you can always do the more messy alternative - forest commando, that's up next!

Note: Speaking of food, you never need to carry any for eating as there are enough of these "endless stews" just sitting around. How it isn't poisoned by default is beyond me.

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