Wednesday 26 June 2019

KCD: Forest Commando

[Part of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance journal.]

Probably a tactic better served if you have the "Forester" perk (increases stealth in forests) in the hunting skill tree as every enemy camp is in or beside a forest, it is a different method of assassination that I like to use if I find an active enemy camp during the day. Waiting for night is silly.

It's pretty simple. Be as stealthy as possible (no plate armor), sneak up to a vantage point of the camp and shoot an arrow into one of the enemies and displace immediately - move deeper into the woods and then stay still.

Arrows to the back are the best type of arrows.

The baddies will trigger a mass alarm and sprint to where the shot came from, look around for awhile then go back. Repeat it a few times. With luck some of them are already dying/dead from arrow blood loss.

"But that's boring!" you say. Well, did you know that enemies also have a stamina meter? What happens when you full sprint in plate over and over in the woods? That's right. They get tired, then they go to sleep - in the middle of the day! Once everyone is napping just stroll in (quietly) and have your way with them. It's awesome!

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