Sunday 9 June 2019

Project A

There's just no safe way to fall from a clock tower. Ow.

An elusive pirate needs to be brought to justice and who better than Dragon (Jackie Chan) and his ragtag band of police hating coast guards to bring him in using the titular "Project A"? Well, probably anyone else actually but none would be as entertaining to watch!

The kickass trio.

There's a particular appeal to these old flicks, especially since special FX use was still quite low and relied more on physical stunts and wondrous fight choreography that is often lacking these days. It's a contrast to the "light" plot that's heavy on humor.

While there are no surprises in the story, this is still a very entertaining watch especially for martial arts fans. I give it 3 bicycles out of 5 and would definitely see it again.

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