Sunday 23 June 2019

KCD: Skirmisher

[Part of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance journal.]

If you find yourself ambushed on the road by a band of brigands and want to kill them you need to have a few things to improve your odds, the most important of which is space. A stretch of road will do. Any space that you won't get cornered because if you get cornered you die.

The walk back method is good depending on how much room you have, but you also need to circle to try ensure only one enemy is attacking at a time. It's worth noting that enemies you aren't "focused" on do not parry so you can score free hits by swinging when someone walks in between you and your target.

Enemy archers can also hit their allies so try keep a meat shield between you. Alternatively, rush the archer and wound him while he's switching weapons. If you are mounted and are patient, you can also use horse archery. Shoot, gallop away. Shoot. Etc. remembering that a head shot is fatal for people without helmets. Or helms without face protection.

Taking it on the chin like a champ!

Lead them far enough away and you might even trigger my a cheap method of winning: leash killing. That's coming up next!

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