Sunday 16 June 2019

KCD: Cloak and Dagger

[Part of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance journal.]

Since we're talking about all things shady, now is a great time to cover the basics of the stealth mechanic. Crouch walking will only get you so far, and a big help will come from your choice of attire. Armor and spurs make a lot of noise while bright colors attract attention.

This means I'm mostly in dark leathers and cloth when I'm in sneaksie mode, the only trade off being that NPCs think less highly of me since everyone knows noble born like faffing about in loud and bright gear.

Speaking of gear, having a supply of nighthawk potions (night vision) is really handy since you won't want to be holding a lit torch while sneaking in the dark. Also most important, always have a dagger with you.

Let the bad guys carry torches for light,
that way you can swing with both hands or use a shield.

The game never makes it clear but you need it to stealth kill (once you get that perk) and to harvest bits from woodland animals such as antlers and skin. Note the animal bits are random, so just because you know how to skin a rabbit doesn't mean each rabbit will supply skin. It is slightly annoying.

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