Wednesday 12 June 2019

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

This was a surprise for me as it wasn't even on my radar until Juris gifted it and as soon as I tried it I knew... that I had to tone down the graphics settings! Yep, it's a beast of a game and fortunately it is still pretty on lesser settings. Most importantly it is very immersive, and a prime candidate for my next journal.

Now I'm going to try something different this time and write less about story and more about mechanics. Hopefully it will still be as fun to write and read about... and it will definitely be shorter! :P

Entry 1 - You had One Job! 
Entry 2 - Ninja Horse
Entry 3 - The Millers Guild
Entry 4 - Getting into their Pants 
Entry 5 - Cloak and Dagger
Entry 6 - Money solves Everything
Entry 7 - Learn through Doing
Entry 8 - Combat Basics
Entry 9 - Clinch Lock
Entry 10 - Duel Master
Entry 11 - Skirmisher
Entry 12 - Leash Killing
Entry 13 - Ghost Assassin
Entry 14 - Forest Commando
Entry 15 - Prybyslavitz

Thanks for reading!

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