Thursday 6 June 2019

The Cursed: Sarevok

[Part of the Cursed story line]

The team appears in the thieves guild, which is odd, but the residents helpfully point out that Sarevok ran down through the maze below so the girls follow fighting through middling monsters and traps with ease. After Durlag's tower, everything is easy in comparison.

It eventually leads to a large underground ruin populated by lesser undead. Inside a skull themed temple they find Sarevok waiting so Catharina cloud kills him from a distance. To her surprise he aggros and charges! Lu Lingqi gets in his path and despite Elizabeth's best healing, she dies to his blade.

Sarevok's allies then start arriving but it is too late as Catharina finishes him off with magic missile, killing her step brother. The remaining foes flee as Sarevok's corpse crumbles into dust, ending the story of Baldur's Gate.

Game over man.

Insight: Magic missile is one spell that is always better cast rather than using a wand. The reasons are two fold. One it is pretty fast to cast naturally so it's rare to get interrupted, and second a wand fires one missile while higher level mages launch multiple missiles by default.

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