Tuesday 1 December 2020

MGSV: Child Soldiers

[Part of the MGS Diary]

Apart from the deadly mysterious disease, the other thing I absolutely hate about Africa are the child soldiers, mainly because I'm not allowed to kill them thanks to Miller's stupid code so taking down their leader was going to be tough.

An enemy is an enemy, regardless of age!

Thankfully Quiet armed with a tranq rifle made this more achievable, and surprisingly their leader - a white kid named Eli - is a decent fighter, much like the random wandering Mother Base soldiers I occasionally have to bring back. As per Miller's request abduct him and his crew. Eli is not happy at all and requires consecutive beat downs to keep him in line.

While Eli kept us busy the intel team finally got a lead to someone who knows more about the virus, and so our next job was to find this "Code Talker" - hiding deep in the African jungle. It's strange that there are so few guards on the way in... and I soon realize it's because he's guarded by Skulls!

Insight: If you want to fulton the kids to get them off the map / prevent them from waking up, load them in a vehicle and fulton it out. Use a Diamond Dogs vehicle if you want to make it easier, as they self fulton when you request a new vehicle.

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