Wednesday 23 December 2020

3 out of 10

Apparently it's an acceptable score.

Self proclaimed as a sitcom game, this focuses on a quirky game design company and their newest hire. It is quite funny, has decent art and is peppered with mini-games that are interesting, fun and skippable (if you just want to get on with the story).

Racially diverse cast of characters: check.

Most importantly the voice acting is pretty spot on too and my run of Episode 1 which included playing all the mini-games, took around 30 minutes. Unfortunately Episode 2 always crashes when I start it up and I'm not sold enough to be going out of my way to fix it. Just this time I'm not going to score out of five, and instead give it the score it put in it's own title. It seems fitting.

Throw the intern quickly. Taking time to aim will usually end in defeat!

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