Friday 18 December 2020

The Alto Collection

Look out for those chasms!

In this procedurally generated endless runner, you play as Alto who is either snowboarding down the slopes to catch some llamas or sand boarding across a vast desert. While hopping over rocks is easy, making massive leaps over huge gaps requires more speed, and speed is only gained through doing tricks: mainly back flipping. Don't land on your head!

The slope goes forever!

It's a very pretty game and super easy control wise. While you can buy upgrades if you collect enough coins, I'm more impressed with the achievement based leveling system which I think more games should do. For example, to reach level two requires traveling x distance, jumping over 3 rocks and catching 5 llamas or something and each subsequent level has more demanding requirements.

It's quite a fun game and is somewhat soothing but like all endless runners gets repetitive very quickly. I give it two llamas out of five.

Insight: Don't look at Alto. Look at the right edge of the screen to be able to react in time.

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