Friday 4 December 2020

MGSV: Code Talker

[Part of the MGS Diary]

I see the skull snipers shop at the same place Quiet gets her outfits...

Getting past the Skull sniper team is a bit scary, but keeping low in the river and climbing up the side of the waterfall gets us to the lonesome mansion guarded by the regular variety of easily dispachable goons.

Inside is the old Indian "Code Talker" who reveals the virus Skull Face forced him to make is triggered by language. He also knows how to make a cure so we extract him by chopper on the double. The Skulls are onto us though, and destroy the chopper using a rusting fog that causes us to crash at an airport.

It is here that Quiet and I crush them and their zombie puppets from the rooftops, then call in a new chopper to get ourselves and Code Talker back to base. Within two days, he has cured everyone of this strain - and better yet, can tell us exactly where to find Skull Face himself.

Insight: Rooftops are your best bet when fighting the Skulls as they seem to have problems with ladders.

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