Friday 11 December 2020

The Last Airbender (Live Action Movie)

A rushed telling of book one.

In a world where some people can manipulate the elements doing kata and tai chi, the fire nation has conquered almost all the known world as the Avatar, a force that usually brings balance, has been missing for 100 years. Unfortunately for the fire nation, the Avatar is just about to re-emerge.


This M. Night Shyamalan flick has the problem of trying to squeeze the content of a very popular animated series which features children as the heroes. Child actors might already be off putting to some, but the pacing of the condensed story is much worse as it is up to narration to fill in the gaps as the team seems to zip across the world, with an evil general in pursuit half the time and reporting to his superior back in the fire nation the other half of the time.

Effects wise everything is quite good, but I did feel the uniforms of the various nations could have used more variation. I don't know, say red for fire and blue for water instead of black for both sides? Anyway, not one I recommend, I give it two fish spirits out of five. If you want to experience the story correctly, just watch the animated series.

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