Wednesday 9 December 2020


Killers killing killers.

A contract killing organization decides to kill their retiring members to avoid paying their pension, but  don't count on how skilled their next mark, the Black Kaiser (Mads Mikkelsen), still is. This is a very bloody and violent movie, but while there are cool bits it mostly is a standard fare action flick.

It's got a bit of everything.

My problems with it stem from two parts mainly - people being slow on the trigger, which really stems from it being based on a comic I think, and the other is just the very, very strange places this film goes to. Places that could be skipped entirely which wouldn't really affect the finished product.

Decently entertaining, this is an ok movie but not fantastic which is a pity. Still a recommended watch for action fans or Mads Mikkelsen fans. I give it two auto guns out of five, but wouldn't watch it again.

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