Sunday 20 December 2020

MGSV: The Nuclear League

[Part of the MGS Diary]

Attacking a high level PF turned out to be disastrous as we lost our operative to soldiers of superior training and high grade equipment. With the two that were KIA against Kill Count, that's our third loss and since that number is only going to go up I've authorized FOB assault teams to deploy ahead of our solo infiltrators. Backed by numbers and vehicles these squads severely reduce the defenses of any targeted FOB making infiltration as much as five times easier. On the flip side, around one fourth of the assault team is killed in each sortie.

Despite the losses our base is still filled to the brim with new recruits while our funds and resources skyrocket, especially from the higher tier PFs we raid - so much so that Mother Base is now complete and our FOB not far behind. While we run the risk of retaliation I've tasked the intel team with finding suitable "unmotivated" targets (who have stopped playing the game) to mitigate that. During their scans we found a PF of weaker strength, the "cyhlww", that held a pair of nukes. With no better time to live up to our mandate of disarmament, I sent an operative who successfully extracted the warheads and defeated the active invader.

However, before we could disarm both weapons at our FOB, our first active (player) intruder - MEME.DADDY - appeared. A skilled operative himself, he got past our defenses and managed to fulton one of the nukes out before being incapacitated by our own active defender. As it turns out, MEME.DADDY is also of the Anti-Nuclear task force and so I decided to ransom him back to his people who were more than happy to pay. As long as the nukes get disarmed, I don't think we'll have an issue with him.

FOB defended!


Insight: Decoys are quite useful in FOB missions. When first inflated they can stun any enemy nearby and subsequently draw attention away from you if placed properly. A more violent option is C4 - which provides a big enough boom to draw attention in one direction.

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