Sunday 27 December 2020

MGSV: Espionage Rank

[Part of the MGS Diary]

There have been some changes since the Skulls left a week ago, he biggest being that I'm now in charge of this FOB as Commander Ocelot's gone off to lead a campaign against the Mosquito PF. They are the same group who he fought off Mother Base long ago. From what I've heard, there's nothing too heroic happening there as they are simply slaughtering every enemy in their path while raiding their supplies.

The other candidate for FOB leadership was Flaming B but she was sent to Afghanistan to deal with the challenges there pertaining to recruitment and vehicle capture. It's good to see that she finally managed to nab us a missile guidance specialist to help the R&D team with the next phase of their shoulder mounted weapon research.

She even managed to locate a familiar face...

As acting commander I've continued to push forward with our deployments to improve our worldwide "espionage rank" and as of now we are rank 7801 which has surpassed our frenemy MEME.DADDY at 9755. Not bad given when he invaded he was around rank 10000 and we were just over 20000. Despite an active resistance at around the 15k mark, it's been smooth sailing. The current goal is to get us under rank 4500 to reach the highest tier. That's still a long way off as basically we'd need to double our current efforts just to reach it but with enough perseverance, we'll get there.

-Razor Hedge

Insight: Completing FOBs in fatigues gives a higher bonus (700) than completing them "naked" (50). You get 100 more points if you don't bring a back weapon/shield.

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