Sunday 13 December 2020

Mice and Mystics: The Heart of Glorm

Once more into the ruined castle...

An expansion to the original game, this 6 chapter adventure continues the story of the heroic mice of Barksburg and adds a new playable mouse to the crew to battle a new threat and his stronger minions. While only half the length of the original game the story quality is still top notch, but the figure for the main bad guy seems to be giving everyone two middle fingers up.

The cover nicely sums up the story.

Also, the new minions are quite tough - especially the new roaches who can spit. They do out perform the villain though who is rather easy to defeat in the final mission. Some maps did feel tedious though, but that might just be the design where you can't move on (apart from a few instances) until everything in an area is defeated. Still recommended, especially if you enjoyed the base game - I give it three slugs out of five.

Insight: The new character, Nere, is quite versatile and tough. You'll definitely want to bring her along in every mission that allows it.

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