Thursday 17 December 2020

Wilmot's Warehouse

A test of organization and memory.

In this simple game, you play as Wilmot the cube. Your timed task each round is simply to bring to the service window whatever items are requested which are delivered to your pretty massive warehouse. To save time, you can bring bunches of items at once, but too much cargo slows you down and also - how you've setup your warehouse might slow you down, especially later on with larger requests.

You can't "see" too far away.

The warehouse is a bit dark so you'll need to remember where you stored that particular item (out of 200 different items). Doing well earns points that can be spent on abilities, like moving faster or being able to carry more items before slowing down.

A simple and clever game, but one that gets repetitive quickly. I give it two crates out of five.

Insight: Make the most of your stock take days which let you organize your warehouse however you see fit. Making a small map on a post it note for your own reference might help too - especially if you group like items together.

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