Tuesday 15 December 2020

GTFO: R4C1 - Cognition (Normal)

We're on the next floor down and it's time to run into a boss! Eeek! Loadouts for today are DL: DMR/Sniper/Mines, Jim: DMR/Combat Shotty/Cfoam, Me: SMG/Pump Shotgun/Mines. This level has some nice big areas, so sweep and clear as normal without opening any security doors. You'll end up between a choice of a Keycard + class III or a Cell Powered + class IV. We did the class IV first, as you setup the most important part of the level here.

It's so important, I made it an image!

Once done, enter the "red" class IV area to find a new, spikey type of sleeper. These guys run fast but they're just armored strikers. Bop them behind the head and loot the room, but LEAVE the three use tool kit there. We'll need it later. Now head over to the keycard + class III door which takes place in a short hallway. DL puts one mine on each roller door here (facing the door for the smaller one) and then we listen for where the roar happens. This dictates which door Jim cfoams while DL and I complete the scan. Then, kill the wave and continue.

Just beyond this door is one of the best hold spots in this level, a pair of tight narrow passages in a hallway. If you all stand on the side further from the door you just entered, most of the time enemies won't even flank you. You can narrow it even further by putting the disco ball objective item that dropped with you in the way. For the next section, we would always fall back here to gun down any pursuers, so keep it in mind!

After appreciating the well lit "hold spot", continue clearing as normal. You'll probably hit a scout at some point if you haven't already, and it won't be the last. Now you will have a choice of three blood doors to open (with spikey dudes that are awake). Use a console to QUERY BULK, then LIST the top bulkhead key. Whatever zone that's in is where you should go. Mine the security door by sliding a mines "into" it. I put one on the left, one on the right, and one facing the door. Trigger the open sequence and flee back to the hold spot to kill whatever remains.

Whatever blood door you opened, now you have pitch black rooms (glow sticks ftw) that probably has a scout. Clear as you see fit until you find that bulkhead key. Once you've got it, exfiltrate yourselves and the disco ball objective back to the "red" zone where you bopped the first spikey dudes and plug the key in. If you want to do the EXTREME version, you get to choose that now but for us it was hard enough getting to this point so just the main mission only for us thanks! :P

Inside the main bulkhead is a single room empty of enemies with kits to harvest, so do so. Important numbers are: Jim gets 100% cfoam (plus he had a cfoam grenade), I slid eight mines "under" the locked security door to the north (all grouped in the middle), and DL mined the path between that door and the entryway to this room with whatever was left. Plugging in the disco ball into the circular recepticle starts the crazy finale to this mission. That's my job. My brothers simply wait at the class IV door that has all the doors (except the forward one facing the pit) closed.

They have the hard part. Killing a pair of hybrids plus strikers while I bring the orb to the north door. I call out once I'm getting close which is the signal for them to shut and ice the forward roller door and return to my position to initiate the next class IV alarm. As soon as this is done, they both return to their guard spot - with Jim icing the door while I do scan circles alone. The reason is infinite waves of strikers can now just flank any of us so DL needs to cover Jim while he keeps the door foamed.

When he runs out of foam they retreat to the north door, which so happens to be the same time I finished all the circles! Open her up and there is the towering boss monster ... who we don't have time for with the infinite waves, so shoot him once and he sprints into the eight mines waiting for him, killing himself. Cool! With disco ball in hand it's up to Jim and DL to cover me as we go down the stairs and then head north to a normal class I door scan. Not too bad to hold since I can fight again here while waiting, then just beyond is the forward extraction point which I drag the ball to. This is an even easier hold since it's a straight line and lots of ground for enemies to cover. Wait for 100% and GTFO! Woo!

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