Wednesday 30 December 2020

God's Trigger

Angels and demons... with guns.

In this top down shooter, a fallen angel teams up with a wayward devil to hunt down the four horsemen and save the world! While it certainly starts slow, the cool tunes, art and actually ok storyline got me hooked right away.

Playing solo you can switch between both characters to make the best use of their abilities (angel strikes in a short arc, devil in a long line etc) and you can also pick up temporary weapons dropped by your enemies!

The bullet hell theme is appropriate at least.

What use do they have of a gun though? The same use everyone else does! This is because most things (including you) will die as soon as you take one hit, so there's also an element of stealth required at times.

A slew of checkpoints will help you along too which makes this bearable, and for collector/adventurer types there are a bunch of dirty magazines lying around waiting to be found.

Turned out to be a fun afternoon getting through this game, so I do recommend it if you like top down shooters and give it three sultry models out of five.

Insight: Some rooms are hidden from the map and you'll need to dash/blink through walls to find them.

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