Tuesday 22 December 2020

GTFO: R4A3 - Onwards (Normal)

Update: A more precise run down can be found on my Extreme write up for this mission.

We decided to head back to the top floor to try out this new map released with the "EXTENDED" Christmas patch. As we won on our first attempt, it's either super easy (even easier than R4A2) or we've improved heaps. I'm thinking its both. Bad news for the early win means this write up might be a little light on the details! :P Loadouts this time were DL with his usual DMR/Sniper/Mines, Jim with a Hel Revolver/Combat Shotty/Cfoam and myself with SMG/Machine Gun/Sniper Sentry. The goal: just reach the forward extraction point.

The rooms here are huge and quite vertical, and while there are some giants around the other sleepers were very lightly spawned for the most part. As usual, if a room looked like it had lots of sleepers, we'd ping first to see if we actually needed to go there. Skipping rooms you don't need (especially if there are scouts in them) is part of winning!

Find a bulkhead key beyond a regular security door then use it to unlock the normal bulkhead class III alarm bulkhead. There are only two doors into this room, and for us the baddies came from the small upper one which Jim was on foam duty for. Both were also mined. This is just to get a regular key to unlock the "bridge room" which we named for obvious reasons.

Clear it out, find another bulkhead key and unlock the normal bulkhead class IV scan. The bridge is an excellent spot to setup the sniper sentry and c-foaming the narrow bulkhead passage you just entered from also buys time. Ideally return to your end of the bridge to fire at the incoming hoard any time you are waiting for circles to appear. Once you open the last bulkhead an endless assault will commence so rush to the circle while deploying whatever tools you have left. Simply hold and GTFO!

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