Wednesday 6 January 2021

GTFO: R4A3 - Onwards (Extreme)

Since my notes were kinda lacking from our last visit here (which went really well), I've decided to redo the whole thing here to help with clarity and to fix up some errors last time. The initial part of this map features large open and vertical spaces, as well as giants AND a lone scout - making it a decent practice place for stealth hammerites. Ideally clear as much as you can until you reach both bulkheads, the normal one in the East and the Extreme one in the West, just so you have room to run if needed.

Then head to the security door North of the starting spot, this one is just a non-alarmed regular team scan. Beyond it is a room usually home to giants with the bulkhead key which you might be able to sneak to, unless a scout is present. Use your best judgement if you can bop it silently. Remember it's better to go loud and kill the scout and fight the room rather than goof up and fight the room AND a scout wave. The next bit is for the EXTREME version, so skip down to the NORMAL tag below if you aren't interested in it.

Once you have the key plug it in to the slot (one room East of the security door you just opened on the bottom floor) and select extreme. A handy marker will point you to the door which isn't even alarmed. Just open and behold the oppressive darkness that is the theme of this next area. Yes, it sucks but it's better than fog. Use your flashlight and continue carefully to bop things in the dark. You objective here is five vials of OSIP which you need to scrounge around for. While you are at it, find the bulkhead key and two colored key cards too.

There is a terminal to past the South door that can help with this - followed by narrow dark tunnels with many scouts. Avoid the ones you can. If at any point the spawn looks bad, setup firing position outside the bulkhead in the lit area and have one person trigger the room (single shot) before running out.

The door to the West leads to a pair of class IV security doors (3 sets of circles) with only one roller door to defend, but both are locked and need the colored keys. Note: you only need to open ONE door, use the terminal to LIST out which one contains the majority of the OSIP. Setup turret, mines and cfoam the roller door when ready. If you want to open both, then I suggest doing the team scan at the back before doing the team scan at the forward door. We didn't do that though, we just opened the one we needed, collected the gear and returned to the light.

Now it's back to NORMAL. Put the bulkhead key you found into the slot and pick the normal/main mission one then follow the handy marker to the bulkhead. This one is a class III (2 sets) so shut both doors and set defenses / foam duty on the small one upstairs as it is the favored entry of the enemy.

Beyond this is the bridge room, which holds another bulkhead key and another slot to plug it in. Giants are also usually here. If you don't have enough gear for them / the next few holds, head to the left where there is a regular non-alarmed team scan into zone 31 (totally optional). There's lots of supplies here, just keep it quiet. There was also a scout for us.

Clear the bridge room and then plug the bulkhead key in. At this point you can pick overload but we just went with the normal one, unlocking the bulkhead at the end of the bridge. This is a Class IV scan, so setup guns/mines/cfoam at the other end. Ideally have your sniper (DL) dedicated to the circles on the bridge so they can shoot down range easily. Other team mates should also try get on the bridge asap to control the flow of the horde.

The forward extraction spot is just beyond that bulkhead, but its a slowish scan and infinite waves will be coming at you now so grab the turret and place "combat" mines as you head to and hold the extraction spot. Live until 100% and you GTFO. For us this also now unlocked Floor D!

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