Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Neverwinter Online: Four Life Hacks

Here are some easy tips to speed up the grind which you may or may not already know about.

Press 1 for OK, Press 2 for Cancel

This usually applies even when the option isn't denoted, like when you are trading bounty currency for something and there is no quantity slider. Instead of clicking on OK each time, press 1 to speed up the process.

Aim above the person/item you want to interact with

Helpful if there's a stack of players (or just one mounted on a T-rex) in front of that banker, vendor or gate transition.

Check old campaign stores

Especially if you've been doing the weekly legacy quests, you may have enough to trade for boxes of AD. While you are at it, visit the seal vendors in the market as they hand out AD as well, and if you are really desperate - gold bars are more readily available in Protector's Enclave now to trade on auction.

Avoid fighting if you can (now easier with the free faster mount speed)

Fighting eats up most of the time. If you can brush off the damage and don't need to interact with anything, just run past. In those instances even if the trash does catch you, its quicker to annihilate them simultaneously rather than handle each individual group. Remember you can also speed up some vertical drops by simply jumping down - and if your character can evade, you can even negate all of the damage.

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