Sunday, 22 November 2020

MGSV: D-Dog Duel

[Part of the MGS Diary]

It would be awhile before I encountered Skull Face's troops again, during which time one of the animals I previously fultoned out has grown to become a really useful ally under Ocelot's training - D-Dog!  

This one eyed mutt has a great nose for detecting medicinal herbs, wild life hunt targets, mines, and enemies - making it very difficult for anyone to get the drop on me, with one exception being the female sniper known as Quiet - who is accurate, able to turn near invisible and is as fast as the Skull soldiers from before.

Our duel in the ruins is a long one, and one I only win thanks to D-Dogs nose and a sandstorm. When she's finally KO'ed, Miller pleads with me to kill her but Ocelot asks that I capture her instead. Since she's easy on the eyes I take Ocelot's advice.

We make a good team too!

On the chopper she inexplicably frees herself from her cuffs and helps shoot down an enemy MiG by sniping the pilot - saving our lives. She then quietly goes to a cell on the rapidly expanding "Mother Base". The little oil rig is now looking more like a giant Hydra with the multiple platforms in place.

It costs money each time you deploy into the field. How much varies based on what you are bringing with you.

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