Wednesday, 4 November 2020

AC Odyssey: Someday

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

A small house, a stall at the market... the quiet life. Darius was surprised that he was content to now be living in a small but beautiful village with his family: His daughter Neera, the now retired Eagle Bearer Alexios and their little baby boy - Elpidios (Hope).

The quiet years almost made them forget about the Order of the Ancients, but the night the Persians attacked again quickly reminded them of their old ways. Even working together, Alexios and Darius were hard pressed to defeat the Immortals sent against them to buy Neera the time to escape with Elpidios. While the old assassin and Eagle Bearer are victorious, Neera does not succeed and is found dead on the shore.

Enraged, the pair begin extracting their vengeance upon the newly arrived Order members and their mercenaries - with Alexios using his ties to the Sisters of Artemis to track down a few while Deimos (who bonded with Alexios during that tree-falling incident), hunted the new Persian navy aboard the Adrestia.

Not a line I thought I'd hear from the bad guys!

Eventually learning that the leader of the Order was here in person, the pair faced him down and executed him together, rescuing the Elpidios whom he had kidnapped. Knowing the Persians could be back at any time, Darius convinces Alexios to let him take Elpidios to parts unknown (aka Egypt) - forever separating the father from his son. The Eagle Bearer tearfully agrees and says goodbye. Forever.

Insight: The Immortals boss fight happens early and is one that tests your dodge skills! Alas it is also the best fight in this chapter.

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