Monday, 9 November 2020


Fun for explorers.

Set in a sludge dump ghetto, this first person exploration game doesn't really give you any story to work with - instead throwing you right into the shoes of Ghost, a newbie graffiti "tagger". Majority of the game play is finding spots to tag, which earns you cred with the other taggers and unlocking more stuff to tag - some of which needs special gear to reach.

Even the doggo is a tagger!

There are plenty of mini activities on the side too, but all must be found to begin with and are not always immediately obvious. For the explorer types out there, this is a fun diversion for a few hours - and there are actually a number of endings! Didn't expect much from it based on the title graphic but it definitely turned out to be a fun ride. I give it 3 ciggys out of 5.

Insight: The eyes in a bottle will always look towards the nearest tag spot.

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