Thursday, 5 November 2020

AC Odyssey: Relic Hunter

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

Aletheia had been watching Alexios for sometime now, having gained her attention ever since he defeated the minotaur long ago. Since then he had faced triumphed over other monsters - the sphinx, medusa, and a number of cyclopses while in his new profession of "relic hunter". A profession that was leading him directly here, to the Gateway to the Lost City.

Only one person now stood in his way, the ancient known as Pythagoras who was also Alexios' true father. Wielding the Staff of Hermes, Pythagoras was gifted with knowledge and magic but at the same time corrupted  by the power flowing through him. Unwilling to share this gift with the world he attacked his son, and after a brief battle was disintegrated as Alexios took the Staff for himself.

Showdown at the Lost City!

"Hello Alexios," said Aletheia through the staff, which startled the so called Eagle Bearer. "I am Aletheia."

Alexios felt a little silly talking to a shiny stick, but was told plainly about the burdens of its gift and that if he learned to master the staff, it wouldn't corrupt him like it did Pythagoras. Instead it would make him near immortal.

"How do I master the staff?" Alexios questioned.

"For that, you must journey to the Underworld," Aletheia answered. "Are you ready?"

Insight: If you liked facing the legendary creatures then the Fate of Atlantis DLC is definitely for you as it features three entirely new maps!

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