Thursday, 5 November 2020

Superman: Reign of the Supermen

Enter the Copycats.

Immediately following on from The Death of Superman, the world feeling his loss doesn't replace him with just one new Superman - but four! Each of these try to take the mantle for themselves while the true evil that sent Doomsday to begin with moves to the next stage of his plan to conquer the Earth. It's quite fun guessing the back story for each of these guys, though one or two could have really used a bit explanation.

That's taking "the man of fteel" pretty literally.

Art wise this starts slightly higher than the usual animated movie fare, but doesn't go to the end part quality of the previous movie. Story wise there are a number of blunders, like the Justice League acting stupid for plot advancement and some weird physical transformations that no one should be able to survive. Also, at least one of those four new supermen was around previously so why didn't he show up sooner?

It's entertaining enough but not as cool as the last movie, however if you want the "whole story" you should watch this one too. I give it three Henshaws out of five.

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