Thursday, 19 November 2020


Only food can save the world.

In this fast paced cooperative game players are chefs in a kitchen who are working together to prep, cook, plate up and serve dishes to the customers.

While those steps are quite simplified for game purposes, the challenge (and much humor) comes in the wide variety of what must be the most poorly designed kitchens ever.

Then again the place is run by the Onion King, so expect the unexpected!

This makes for some chaotic cooking as each level is timed and scored with later levels unlocking only after mastery of the earlier ones. It is very, very fun if played with other people! Single player... not so much.

One I recommend if you have friends and spare controllers (or are willing to share a keyboard). I give it 3 onion kings out of 5.

Insight: Dash is important - but can also knock your allies out of the way!

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