Sunday, 8 November 2020

AC Odyssey: Anger of Elysium

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

Elysium is beautiful!

Furious both at the rebellion amassed at her beautiful palace and the failure of her guards in preventing it, Persephone scowled down at the rebel leader, Adonis, as she casually tossed one of her own supporters off a sky scrapping bridge.  

"Why do you do this to me Adonis!? I made Elysium for you!" she yelled, gesturing at the magnificent splendor her palace overlooked.

"As a prisoner yourself, you should know why." Adonis replied. "Just let me go, please! Let me go to Aphrodite!"

Persephone's best friend and advisor Hekate then appeared beside her. "That's the one," she said pointing at the interloper beside Adonis... pointing directly at Alexios. "He's the one that made this rebellion possible."  

With a glare and a sigh, Persephone waved her had and suddenly she, Adonis and Alexios were inside her throne room which sported an ominous and large dark hole in its center. After a moment of thinking the goddess finally spoke. "Very well Adonis, I set you free - but as for your friend... I'll let my husband deal with him."

Persephone flicked a finger and send the Eagle Bearer tumbling down the pit... down to the Underworld.

Insight: Elysium is so beautiful! It also introduces Kolossi, statues who only activate if they detect combat. Assassination kills do not activate them, but don't be too worried about them if they wake up. Just treat them as regular enemies because that's all they are. Just be sure to dodge their very obvious laser beam attack.

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