Thursday, 12 November 2020

Hitman Absolution

The return of disguise mastery.

After questioning a recent contract, you (the titular Hitman) go AWOL against the agency to try figure out what they are really up to.

While you have a fantastic arsenal of items and enhanced skills that can really wipe the floor with most enemies, the game is focused more around stealth and rewarding actions towards that goal with more points.

Also on harder modes, you'll probably want to be stealthy most of the time anyway. While the story here goes quite off the rails at times with "defeats by cut scene" and a few stripper-nun-assassins this is quite a fun experience.

Every game needs stripper nun assassins!

The controls handle well and the stealth mechanic of hiding in plain sight is a joy. Definitely recommended, just don't expect too much logic. I give it 3.5 fibrewires out of 5.

Insight: If you must take a non-target out, try to at least hide the body to balance out the negative points.

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