Sunday, 1 November 2020

GTFO: R4A2 - Foster (Normal)

Good news: this map is even easier than R4A1, though it will force you to deal with at least one scout! For this drop our three man team had the same load out as previously, with the exception that I switched out my mine layer for the new autosentry that is super handy in stunning slowing down the horde. Huge hallways and huge warehouse like rooms decorate this map but most of it is optional. As soon as you find a terminal you should query where your CRYO objectives (randomized per session) are and make note of the zone numbers. If you are doing the optional Extreme bit, also keep an eye out/ping the bulkhead key in Zone 43 which again you can ping or query or list. List is a good command since it accepts guesses. "LIST BULK" for example will list all bulkhead keys in the mission and then you can query the exact item to find what zone it hides in.

Let's get to business! Start out by heading North, ignoring the small door on the right. Eventually you'll find a big corridor that has a non-alarm security scan door, and mini walkway leading to Zone 44 with a class II (4 circle) alarm door. Do the alarm door first because we like trying to control where the spawn comes from. If you followed my instructions the horde will only arrive through the big door you came in through so shut that, put a mine or two and ready the autosentry. Once done, enter the door you just unlocked into the "red flashy zone" and clear as normal heading down the pit etc until you reach another large curved hallway. There is a tall ladder on one end that leads to another chamber so just note that if you start shooting in this hallway any spawn from up there might drop down to flank you. Other than that, clear as normal until you find the CRYO unit in the area and return it to the drop point.

Once done, head to the non-alarm security door you bypassed earlier which leads into a huge warehouse/bodega. If you are going for "Extreme" the bulkhead key is probably around here somewhere. This warehouse has two class II (4 circle) alarm doors but your CRYO objective is only behind ONE of them, so make sure you pick the correct door unless you like extra clearing. Mine, foam and turret prior to starting. For the West security door the horde will arrive through the small door to the North and the big door downstairs. For the East security door they will only come through the small door to the South. Mine placement note: ideally have a mine with the laser pointing directly into the center of the door interior so that all baddies get hit by the explosion cone when they break it down.

Beyond that door is most likely a wandering scout who you will need to deal with, and if it detects you it will spawn an extra wave of enemies to deal with. You options are a) stealth past without killing anything to steal CRYO objective (hard due to room size), b) stealth murder the scout with your hammer (requires practice), or c) get DL to snipe the scout in its ugly tentacle face and just fight the remainder of the room. We usually go with option C and with the autosentry cover it was easy enough to win the room. Continue clearing until you find the last CRYO objective then head back to the drop point but DO NOT enter the extraction circle with it. Instead just drop it on the floor right there.

If you are finishing the mission on Normal:
Close and cfoam all the doors, mine the doors and set up the autosentry to face away from the extraction circle. Once prepped get everyone and the second CRYO item into the objective (drop it there) and hold until the slow scan reaches 100% to win. Enemies will be coming for you during this, and anyone leaving the circle makes the scan go slower so hold your ground and GTFO! Really though, with more caution and stealth I managed to solo this with an autopistol/machinegun/mines load out for my first solo win - yay! :D

If you are doing the optional "harder" modes:
Leave the second CRYO where it is and enter the very first room I told you to skip. This is where you put the bulkhead key to unlock the nearby bulkhead in the adjacent room (which you would have cleared already). I'll continue the walk through for this one tomorrow!

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