Tuesday, 10 November 2020

AC Odyssey: Hell Duel

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

They can fire lasers!

"Eagle Bearer, have you completed your task?" Hades asked, as he patiently sharpened his wicked looking scythe while giving Alexios a side-long glance with red eyes that seethed with barely controlled rage.

"Four guardians for four gates," nodded Alexios. "And I re-captured a number of Tartaros escapees as a bonus. Now, will you please teach me how to use this staff?"

"No," Hades grinned. "You see, the minute you killed my dog your soul belonged to me! There are actually five gates to the Underworld and you - Eagle Bearer - will be the fifth guardian for all of eternity! Now bow to your master!"

"Never!" declared Alexios as he brought his minotaur axe to bear on the levitating god, but blow for blow Hades matched him with his scythe and magical powers until both finally fell from exhaustion.

"Enough of this!" declared a booming voice as Hades' brother Poseidon appeared from a nearby portal. "The mortal has proven himself. Come Alexios, I can help you with your quest to master the staff."

"Anywhere is better than here," grunted the Eagle Bearer, sharing one last look of disdain at Hades as he stepped through the gateway and into... Atlantis!

Insight: The fallen armor set will help you get through the misty veil areas but don't wear it when fighting Hades. Go back to whatever your prior set is as it will be more useful - mine was the Achilles set.

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