Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Superman: The Death of Superman

Don't spoil the plot in the title or anything...

Again following the comic of the same name, this is one tale that most people might know as it made international headlines when it happened: An alien being crashes to Earth with the sole purpose of destroying the man of steel. Surprisingly, the story here is quite good despite the title spoiling the result. I quite like that the monster Doomsday also goes through most of the Justice League first too, though I have to laugh that Bats is somehow one of the last ones standing in their number (and the only one never Ko-ed). Shows who the true bread winner is!

"Don't do it Smallville, you might die!"

While the art also starts at the standard animated movie quality I love that it ramps up for the fights, especially towards the end. While there are no big surprises, this is a much better movie than Red Son and one I'd watch again. Highly recommended, I give it 3.5 secrets out of 5.

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