Sunday 7 April 2019

Dying Light: Powerless

[Part of the Dying Light diary - spoilers ahead!]

There is a radio tower near the collapsed tunnel that is a potential safe zone, so we do the climbing thing and find... there's no power. Jasir lets us know that we should talk to Bilal at the town gas station about that, because without power we can't unlock any other safe zones.

Thanks for the heads up, that would have been handy before we climbed. Anyway, we clear two more volatile hives in the area. One deep down in the dark and one in a canyon that requires jumping and grappling. Jim does particularly poorly in this one (drinking :P) as the floor is acid (literally) and falling often results in respawning outside the hive.

Jim taking the fast way down. :P

We then emerge near the coast and encounter a couple of crossbow armed farmers who ask us to finish off a monster in a cave who was stealing their food. The monster turns out to be a regular human, feeding his zombie baby down a well, whom we kill on sight (the baby. )

The nearby town is actually full of zombie babies, so we split up and silence them all before heading towards the gas station safe zone and meet the mechanic, Bilal.

Insight: Bilal serves as a quartermaster, so not only can you turn in air drop supplies to him (those still drop out here) - he also gives away stuff for free every game day. Like car upgrades!

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