Friday 12 April 2019

Dying Light: Getting High

[Part of the Dying Light diary - spoilers ahead!]

The ritual site is at the top of a high mountain. Obviously this cult has no need for people who are unable to climb flights upon flights of stairs! At the top is a pretty temple with a bunch of worshipers, trader Kaan included, praying to the dais where more faceless stand with their incense. A small group of zombies mill around among them.

We are invited up to breathe the smoke, and find the zombies are docile to us. In the background the leader of the faceless, "the Mother", starts talking to us but we pass out and when we awake, everyone is gone (they just left us there? lol). There might be something to this "cure" we keep hearing about.

Jasir then calls us back to his farm as he has new tasks for us - to find his family sword and to find his missing daughter. Like any sane person, we decide to look for Ezgi first and eventually track her down to a campsite with her girlfriend. She wants to go to Old Town and away from her dad and the cult, so we let her as the tunnel she wants to use is already cleared of volatile infestation. We just have to kill her girlfriend half way as she suddenly turns into a viral.

You're on your own from here. Good night and good luck!

Insight: A trio of crossbow bolts fired simultaneously at a non-boss demolishers head will kill it instantaneously. Obviously this is easier done when it doesn't yet know where you are and is standing still.

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