Wednesday 17 April 2019

Captain Marvel

Always be nice to cats! :P

This is one hero I knew very little about, but boy did Marvel give her a good movie. It helps that the main character "Vers" (Brie Larson) starts out as an amnesiac Kree enforcer, which helps the audience learn about her past while she does.

If she looks OP it's because she is.

Much like the high budget CGI here, the acting is splendid all around with Samuel Jackson, Jude Law, and  Ben Mendelsohn being the highlights. As a fan of Agents of Shield, it was also great to see Clark Gregg too but I think my new favorite is "Goose" the cat.

The story is well told and the characters are great as is the unexpected humour which is found in spades here. The Stan Lee tribute at the opening is also touching. I'm actually struggling to find some negatives here, other than Captain Marvel might be overpowered? Fantastic movie and one I highly recommend, I give it 5 science guys out of 5.

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