Friday 5 April 2019

Dying Light: Racer X

[Part of the Dying Light diary - spoilers ahead!]

We manage to rescue one captive from the pump station who knows how to operate the machinery, except something goes wrong and the pipes begin erupting. We are tasked with finding the main valve (or something) and quickly as there is a time limit.

Now both Jim and DL start parkouring their way there but being a wannabe game designer I run the opposite way and get into my buggy, as it feels like a buggy challenge/learning point. This turns out to be the right call because the valve is MILES away - and even racing there I only have 10 seconds to spare to turn it. To be fair, I'm terrible at driving games. :P

First person car driving is not my forte.

With that done we reconvene at the farm where everyone is happy with their fresh H20 and Jasir starts telling us about how their faith in "the Mother" keeps them safe from the zombie sickness. To learn more, we have to help out more, and find that a whole slew of quests have now opened up for us.

Insight: Don't worry too much about leaving your car out in the wilds. There are "car summoning radios" in some safe zones that just teleport your vehicle to you. You can also flip them over you manage to turtle them.

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