Sunday 21 April 2019

Mice and Mystics

A big adventure on a small scale.

In this cooperative game, players are adventurers polymorphed into mice who must work together to complete missions from a well written story. There is a fair bit of story reading to be had here and plays much like a children's tale.

There are 11 chapters to play through!

Gameplay wise your party is always against the clock to traverse the giant, flipable tiles which depict both above and underground sections which can be traversed during the course of a game often creating a few paths to get to your objective.

In your way are various vermin like roaches, spiders and rats. The models for these are all really nice (or yucky). The dice combat can really skewer your experience though, and while on average you get a good experience we've also had it swing to really easy victories and really crushing defeats. Most memorable is the first time we ran into Captain Vurst. We got slaughtered the first time due to the dice.

Still, if you don't mind the swings of fortune then this is a pretty cool 11 mission game. I'd say the replay value is low but the first time through is definitely worth the experience. I give it 4 cheese slices out of 5.

Insight: The abilities my group made the most use of were Dodge, First Aid, Inspire, Meeps and Accurate Shot.


  1. How is it compared to the Mouse Guard RPG?

    1. Hmm, I've never heard of the Mouse Guard RPG before so I can't really compare. Mice and Mystics is very light in RPG terms (comparing to tabletop D&D types) but the game handles all the NPC movement meaning there's no game master.

      If I ever play Mouse Guard I'll do a better comparison. :)