Monday 8 April 2019

Dying Light: Dirty Water

[Part of the Dying Light diary - spoilers ahead!]

Bilal says turning on the power will take some doing, and we are quickly side tracked in the process back to Jasir's farm where people have started getting sick? Something is wrong with the water so we have to go check it out - again.

Before leaving a "Faceless" (dude in a mask) who serves as a priest to the Mother, gives us a crossbow for all our help thus far and with a small upgrade it is stronger than the ranger bow! It also reloads faster and can be fired from the passenger position of the car. We all switch to it.

The pump station is locked up tight when we arrive, requiring us to lockpick an underwater grate to gain access - and being the best "thief" dude in the party, that's my job. I open locks the fastest in the team. :)

Once inside we find new bandits, these being leftovers from Rais' crew, have taken over and have contaminated the supply with corpses. After killing them, we shut off the water until NPCs can clean up the mess.

I'm quite pleased I nailed this guy right in the eye!

Insight: Lockpicking is easier with a steady hand and using a mouse is possibly more accurate than a game controller but otherwise it is just practice and patience. Remember that even if your pick breaks, the "success" area remains in the same spot and the "wrong" areas remain wrong.

My approach is I pretend it's a clock, and hit the "hours" positions first. On any but the "very hard" locks, you'll already find the success zone doing this. If all the hour positions fail, I then try the half-hour positions and so forth until it opens.

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