Saturday 6 April 2019

Dying Light: All your Base

[Part of the Dying Light diary - spoilers ahead!]

Of all the quests we are offered the one that interests us most is to destroy volatile hives. There are a few of these on the map, and are "safer" to do at night when the volatiles are out. We enter the first one during the day - and it is glorious!

With volatiles endlessly spawning out of crevices, the three of us make a slow but steady sweep - guns blazing and flares a throwing - to kill the "hatchers"? I don't know what they are called, but they look like volatiles half way in the ground. Killing all of them destroys the nest.

We then head onto the next hive, driving at night which turns out to be very dangerous. Sure the buggies can outrun the volatiles, but just barely. In the chaos it is day time again when we can enter, this one being in a train tunnel. We fight through more volatiles like last time, but in one train car I find a bomb and just for shits and giggles I decide to arm it.

Are belong to us!

We sprint out of there and watch the whole thing collapse. That's two hives down!

Insight: Hunting towers act as respawn points. They are terrible positions to hold against volatiles though, as multiple spitters (yes volatiles spit) will down you quickly. Better to jump down and coordinate an escape or a defense from there.

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