Monday 15 April 2019

Dying Light: The Mother

[Part of the Dying Light diary - spoilers ahead!]

A radio call comes in giving us a sighting of a whole group of Rais' guys at the granary so we head on down clearing a warehouse of zombies before taking on the bandits whom DL kills the most of while I find the hostage with nails in his face. Before he dies, he tells us to go to the lighthouse and there we find the boss of these thugs... Kaan!?

At this point its the single player finale mode once more, so we individually deal with the sudden influx of bandits that show up - none of whom are really a threat. They do let on that they are going after the Mother at the dam though, so we race there (timed) through enemy gunfire and the usual zombies. For DL and I that is pretty bad. He had to drive at night while I'm just a bad driver.

Eventually we reach the dam to find the Mother didn't need any help. She removes her mask to reveal that she is a sentient volatile, which is what happens when you ingest or inhale the blue stuff. She offers a choice, detonate a nuke to purge the disease or resist. Not sure why she doesn't nuke the place herself, but we all chose to resist which leads to an awesome boss battle against her! I use up all my ammo and eventually resort to fists to beat the monster down.

This was a fun boss fight!

Despite her defeat, she did manage to force the blue liquid down some poor saps throat before hand and that person somehow escapes the quarantine to spread the disease anew... but that's a story for another game!

Insight: The Mother isn't affected by flares but I still used them just for visibility purposes. Also, remember you can re-assign your legendary skill points into bonus hand to hand damage.

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