Tuesday 16 April 2019


Sail for free, just don't expect to survive!

In this free print and play game, you take the role of a captain who must navigate the seas to reach your destination. The map is randomly constructed via random cards populated by small circular spaces and the bigger the map, the harder the game gets.

Other than the map cards, there is also a multipurpose deck of adventure cards that cleverly handles crew morale, traumas, navigation, weather, land exploration and skills. Run out of them, or gain too many traumas and you lose. Expect this to happen a lot, especially in the harder historical variant where you try to sail from Lisbon to Calicut.

Printing in color helps!

Expect to keep the two page manual handy during play as there are a few steps to do per round, but it like everything it gets faster with familiarity. If you like a challenge then this game might interest you. I give it three clouds out of five. You can get it at Boardgamegeek, just scroll down to the files section.

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