Thursday 4 April 2019

Dying Light: Pump it Up

[Part of the Dying Light diary - spoilers ahead!]

The drive back to the farm is fun, and obviously the buggies also get the attention of zombies due to the noise but they are fast enough to outrun them and sturdy enough to run them over in small enough groups.

Alas we find our quest giver, Kaan, has been evicted from the farm. Jasir's daughter Ezgi tells us that if we want the rest of the people to be more friendly is to simply help them out. Getting the water back on would be a start.

We found the eye candy!

We drive to the pumping station with only a small detour when we find Holler, a named demolisher boss zombie in a villa nearby. We take down the heavily armored freak and then proceed to the bandit controlled pump station.

These guys put up a better fight than the last lot, and I'm quite pleased to see the last one wearing decent armor. He forgot a helmet though, so a single head shot is all it takes to put him down.

Insight: You can use medkits while driving / riding in a buggy.

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