Monday 29 April 2019

The Cursed: Hold the Wands

[Part of the Cursed story line]

After the necromancer is a difficult fight against an ogre mage and his ogre buddies. Catharina's wands of fear and fireball win the round for the team here, and back at the cells she discovers Ghorlak the beholder, trapped by Baeloth's antimagic field, who takes an interest in becoming the teams "coach" for upcoming fights.

Baeloth fields a proper adventuring party in the next round, but being human they are all susceptible to Elisabeth's hold person spell which makes them easy pickings and moves the gladiators up to the next "tier".

Their reward is 25,000 gold which is quickly spent on the new magic items now available from the stores. Party Girl is the MVP in the next two fights with her magic bow, taking down the majority of the rabid ankhegs that burrow into the arena and a spider summoning druid. Catharina still has to fireball (wand) said spiders into ash though.

Area of effect is handy after you get used to the radius!

Insight: Wands are plentiful, cast pretty fast, and don't get interrupted by taking hits (I think). Because of this its almost always better to use a wand of fireball (or any wand spell) than memorizing and casting the spell yourself.

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