Wednesday 3 April 2019

Dying Light: The Same but Different

[Part of the Dying Light diary - spoilers ahead!]

The zombies out here are much like the ones inside, only tougher, and spontaneously mutate into runners or into duplicates of themselves which does make it more unnerving to be near them, especially since they now all come in hordes as standard.

Eventually we reach a farm safe zone run by Jasir but he and his folk aren't friendly at all. Only the merchant Kaan talks to us, advising us to get a vehicle from a different ranch to make travel easier - and indeed this map is huge and full of open space.

Said ranch has bandits controlling the place, but we silently take them all down. Our reward is one buggy each! These cars can take one driver and one passenger, with the passenger being able to use gun type weapons only.

These are indestructible!

It also needs fuel, and repairs / upgrades to various systems to make the vehicles perform better. Obviously you can also paint the things so we can tell whose car belongs to who. :P

Insight: You can loot the front of other vehicles now for car parts, and the fuel access point for gas. If you find some that are away from a horde, it might be worth the pit stop, especially at the start before you have a stockpile of said gear.

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